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Date added What's New Summary
May 28 Mosquito Bed Nets have been ordered and shipped.

A brief update: UNA-DRC has ordered the mosquito bed nets. To get a bulk rate price (of $4 per net), they had to order 2,000 nets. So....the order was $8,000.

UNA-DRC is asking for help to raise the other $5,000 needed for this order. (Payment is due in less than a month)

We would appreciate your help, once again, at this time!

May 28 CongoGlobalAction

Introduced by Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney (D-NY) and co-sponsored by Congressman Brad Miller (D-NC), H. Res. 1227 calls on the U.S. Administration and international community to take actions towards addressing issues in DRC:

  • Urges the United States Agency for International Development and international community to provide victims and potential victims of rape with greater assistance for health care services, psychological and social counseling, and legal advice;
  • Calls on the government of the DRC to end the widespread sexual violence by holding all armed groups, including members of the Congolese armed forces and police, accountable for their actions;
  • Calls on the UN Security Council to take immediate steps to ensure that the United Nations Peacekeeping Mission in the Congo, MONUC, is fully funded to increase troop presence and deploy in areas where sexual violence is most prevalent.

Please visit our advocacy page for info and links. Thank you!

May 19 A new Digg page news article

Getting Serious about Ending Conflict and Sexual Violence in Congo -- EnoughProject.org, by Rebecca Feeley and Colin Thomas-Jensen

"Eastern Congo right now is perhaps the worst place in the world to be a woman or a girl. The sexual violence and rape exists on a scale seen nowhere else in the world as it is part and parcel of the conflict. It mutilates and humiliates. Its nature is brutal and vicious; it defies both description and imagination."

May 12

Advocacy page:

Growth Act Petition

You can ask your Senators and Representatives to co-sponsor this piece of legislation that would give women in the developing world the tools and resources they need to lift themselves and their families out of poverty. The GROWTH Act (H.R. 2965/S. 2069) is a bill that, if passed, would make the United States a leader in reducing poverty and promoting opportunities for women and families around the world.

May 11 New Search Tool


We've added a new Google search tool so you can search the website for keywords.


May 8 Summary of Talk by Cissa Wa Numbe
DRC & the Conflict in Africa's Great Lakes Region

We've posted a written summary of the talk by Dr. Cissa Wa Numbe on April 3rd at the Wayne State University Peace and Conflict Studies Center.

The topic was The Dem. Rep. of Congo and the Conflict in Africa's Great Lakes Region. This talk was part of Dr. Wa Numbe's Detroit/Flint speaking itinerary when he was visiting Michigan.

May 3 New Phone Number

The Congo Cause has a new phone: 866-900-3939.

Why? After two months of using the former number, we still cannot remember the number....so time for a change!

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