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November 25, 2008 Ushahidi: Crowdsourcing Crisis Information

Tracking the conflict in Eastern DRC: Ushahidi is a Crowdsourcing Crisis Information tool.

Ushahidi, which means “testimony” in Swahili, is a brand new platform that "crowdsources" crisis information.

BBC Article about the new Ushahidi tracking tool.

November 24, 2008 Boston Globe
Congo crisis worsens
by Ann Taylor, Boston Globe.
November 2008. Amazing photography.

November 23, 2008 Wall Street Journal Online

An article by George Clooney, David Pressman, and John Prendergast: "Obama's Opportunity to Help Africa" November, 2008. "The war in Congo alone has led to more deaths than any war, anywhere, since the Holocaust. Five million people have died there in the last decade."

Our thank you to all of you that are working to bring awareness of the horrific crisis in eastern Congo. When influential and ordinary people work for change, we believe that change can happen -- Change can come from all of us working together.

It is our hope (The Congo Cause) that funding organizations will take notice of UNA-DRC who has offices in Goma and Kivu with grass roots teams who are willing to bring bed nets, food, education, and other help. They just need your financial support.

November 23, 2008 VII Studio

"Never Again" by Photojournalist Marcus Bleasdale who has lived in Congo and covered the war for over eight years. (3 min. 43 seconds)

Chaos in Congo - Marcus Bleasdale footage -- YouTube video - 3 minutes

November 23, 2008 Fox TV Network

Fox News documentary about Child Soldiers.

We were not aware of this documentary, nor the airing of "24: Redemption" until it was already airing tonight, or we would have sent our mailing list a notice. (I was flipping channels while I dugg articles about Eastern Congo. I caught a scene of soldier's capturing children and forcing them into their rebel group, and continued watching.)

You can watch replay of the show and of the documentary on the Fox TV Network website. (Trailer)

Bravo to Fox for bringing awareness and the airing and making of these films.

November 23, 2008 Star Tribune

Ben Affleck
returned to Congo this week and investigates conditions in the IDP camps. Article: "Ben Affleck tours refugee camps in war-torn eastern Congo, says more aid money needed"

Quote from Ben Affect in article by ANITA POWELL, Associated Press as stated online: Star Tribune, Minneapolis, Minnesota:

"I'm not an expert in international affairs or diplomacy, but it doesn't take that to see the tremendous suffering here," he told The Associated Press on Thursday in Goma, the regional capital. "It's not something that we as human beings can, in good conscience, ignore."

Again, our sincere thank you to Ben Affleck for using his gifts to help people in the most dire circumstances. We believe that when people bring awareness and advocate for action, change can happen.

It is our hope (The Congo Cause) that funding organizations will take notice of UNA-DRC who has offices in Goma and Kivu with grass roots teams who are willing to bring bed nets, food, education, and other help. They just need your financial support.


November 20 New York Times

An article by NY Times's Lydia Polgreen: "Congo’s Riches, Looted by Renegade Troops" -- The first article in a series that provides a history of the conflicts over mining resources.

"15 and Broke in a Cut-throat Congo Mining Town" by New York Time's Lydia Polgreen.

November 20 BBC Video

An orphanage in Goma is housing some of the youngest victims of the DR Congo conflict. Many of the babies and children have lost their parents in the fighting. Aid worker Gavin Braschi explained to the BBC's Orla Guerin how children have been affected by the conflict.

A short video clip by Orla Guerin of BBC telling what life is like for a child in Goma.

Clip: Congo's Displace dying of hunger - Orla Guerin, BBC.

November 17

San Francisco BayView News

Acting on the Congo violence by Ann Garrison, San Francisco BayView National Black Newspaper

U.S. and Rwanda to blame for Congo’s human catastrophe by Ann Garrison, San Francisco BayView Newspaper. Here is a quote from the beginning of her article:

"I know no honest, informed Congo watchers who doubt that Gen. Laurent Nkunda and his ruthless militia are tools of the U.S. and its African proxy, Rwanda, in the imperial resource war now raging in Eastern Congo.

U.S. military and national security interests are determined to control Eastern Congo, because its unparalleled mineral riches are even more geostrategically significant than petroleum. They are essential to the manufacture of defense products such as jet engines, missile components, electronic components, iron and steel.

Tantalum and cassiterite, a.k.a. tin, so abundant in Eastern Congo, are also “strategically significant” in that they are essential to the consumer electronics industry that now plays such a major role in the U.S. economy."

November 14 Dan Rather Reports

Dan Rather has an excellent 58 minutes report about the state of our U.S. economy that includes some information about the mining of Congo's resources and how it fuels the fighting.

The podcast report is $1.99 through iTunes.

Here is a free version on a commercial site from HD.net. The segment on Congo is located about 3:40 into the podcast. The report summarizes a seven month investigation by Dan Rather reports. The report focuses on an American Company (Freeport McMoRan, based in Phoenix, Arizona), which purchased a copper mine in Copper.

See our mining page for more information about Congo's exploitation of its resources by large corporations.

November 14 Digg page, Video Page, Mining Page

So much is happening in eastern Congo this month, we cannot keep up with posting everything on this page.

Please visit our newest postings for details:

Favorites page on YouTube -- some new additions.

Digg page -- The latest news articles -- We have linked to dozens of articles this month -- Please stay informed and use the advocacy links to help.

Mining page for a new link to Congo Forum - An article with some political background of the mining of DRC's resources.

News Page for new links, postings, info.

As always, a short letter to your representative can help - visit the Advocacy page.

November 8 New York Times
Poignant photographs
of the recent fighting north of Goma

November 8 PBS News

November 7th: NewsHour Broadcast with Jim Lehrer podcast gives a very clear summary of information of the conflict in DRC.

November 6th: Summary of News in DRC
October 30: News from PBS

November 5 MONUC News
MONUC condemns resumption of Fighting in Ruthsuru

October 28 Renewed Rebel Fighting

Citizens Flee

MSNBC: Video and Photographs with descriptive captions

BBC: Photographs, video, and Article with map and detailed coverage

BBC: Another Excellent Article

New York Times: Article

UN News Centre: Article


October 11 Bed Net Video

We posted a short 7-minute video of the bed nets distribution in one village. (The bed nets distribution were in late May and a couple more in June -- which occurred in IDP camps.)

The video has French captions (and will be shown in Congo this week during the UN Model sessions that UNA-DRC is sponsoring).

In the next few weeks, we'll post an English version of the video, and let you all know. (We thought you'd be as excited as we were and want to take a look at the first video.) The video captures the excitement (and energy) that was going on all over during the distribution. (The volunteer who took the video had never filmed before, but despite being new at filming, he was able to show us a glimpse of what it was like in the village.)

I cannot tell you how thankful and elated we are to see this footage - It's overwhelming see the children and pregnant mothers, and villagers who were waiting for nets, and excited to receive nets.

Although our fund raising was a humble beginning, each life saved is an incredible gift! Our grass roots partner, the team from UNA-DRC on the ground right there in DRC, was able to distribute over 2,000 mosquito bed nets, and your gifts were a part of making that wonderful project possible!

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