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Meet and Greet Event for the
2009 Mosquito Bed Nets Project

March 14, 2009
Troy Community Center

Our special event Meet and Greet Talk with Cissa Wa Numbe, Ph.D., Secretary General of the United Nations Association of the Dem. Rep. of Congo was a unique gathering of friends and supporters of UNA Michigan and The Congo Cause. We appreciate the wonderful representation of activists and supporters who help make the world a greater place through love and service!

At the Meet and Greet, we were able to meet other groups and friends who work to improve the world. We were excited to meet so many new friends who have embraced this great cause!

Our grass roots partner, Cissa Wa Numbe was in the Detroit area to kick-off our 2009 Mosquito Bed Nets Appeal, One Net One Life.

This was Dr. Wa Numbe's only Detroit area engagement, after his itinerary in Ottawa, Canada at the International Development Research Center; and London at the "Ground Breaking" War Crime International Conference at the Institute of Advanced Studies in London, UK, so we are fortunate to have Dr. Wa Numbe here in the Detroit area.

Cissa Wa Numbe is a frequent speaker at peace conferences, UNA related events, at universities across Europe and Africa. Dr. Cissa Wa Numbe holds Master degrees in sociology and anthropology from the University of Lubumbashi, DRC, and a PhD in Peace and Human Rights studies from the University of Bradford, United Kingdom.

The co-sponsor for this event was the Michigan UNA. Please visit the Michigan UNA web site to find out more about UNA-USA, how UNA-USA is " a constructive critic of the United Nations and of U.S. policy at the United Nations," and how you can be a part of this organization.


Click here to download a summary of the Meet and Greet Event held on March 14th.

Click here to view a 12-minute video excerpt of the 30 minute talk.

You can visit Facebook to view photos of the event.


CMN TV sent a crew to film the event. They spent hours in the set-up, tear-down, filming, editing, and production to create a video of the event. When we know the air date for this production we will post the information


Cissa Wa Numbe, Ph.D., UNA-DRC
Cissa Wa Numbe, Ph.D.
Photography by Thomas Richardson


Mosquito Bed Net Link for Flash Animation

Our sincere appreciation to friends who helped during March, April, and May to fund raise for mosquito bed nets for eastern Congo. High school students, college and university students, and friends of The Congo Cause joined together to help the most devastated region in the world through malaria prevention through our partner in Congo, United Nations Association of the Democratic Republic of Congo (UNA-DRC).

Link to resources for Teachers & Civic Group Leaders


Video of Nets Being Given in Eastern Congo

2008 Bed Net Video: Here is a short video from UNA-DRC's bed net distribution in eastern Congo in May of 2008.

This exciting video shows the crowds of people in one village, who were hoping to receive a bed net. This inspiring video shows how a simple net can bring life, hope, and joy to families in the devastated Goma-Kivu region of eastern Congo.

English Version

Bed Net Animation - A Two Minute Animation

Watch our bed net "ad" animation - A short two minute Flash animation that helps us realize the importance of saving children and babies with just a $5 or $10, the cost of lunch.

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A Few Resources

Video: A video interview: Cissa Wa Numbe, Director (Secretary General) of the United Nations Association of the Democractic Republic of Congo (UNA-DRC) explains the screening process and decision criteria they use while working with local community groups and authorities to find and determine the needly woman and children who qualify for a free mosquito bed net.

Direct Link on YouTube


Please visit our links page for more information about malaria in Eastern Congo.

Donations: Our Fiscal Sponsor is The Global Center. (501c3 #13-3580901). If you need a receipt and mailing address for your gift, please Contact us.

Millennium Goals links:

Goal 4: Reduce child mortality.

Goal 6: Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases.

from mosquito bed net distribution, May 2008.



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