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Awareness, Education, and Fund Raising for the Dem. Rep. of Congo

A grass roots partnership with UNA-DRC

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Thanks for visiting The Congo Cause website. This site is dedicated to raising awareness about the eastern border area of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Congo Cause helped with fund raising to improve the lives of people near the eastern border of the Dem. Rep. of Congo in partnership with UNA-DRC (United Nations Association of the Dem. Rep. of Congo) during 2008 and 2009.

The Congo Cause grew out of graduate studies work as a graduate student from the University of Michigan developed an educational project for UNA-DRC under its original name, AmaniDRC. As she learned about Congo, she realized that awareness for others outside of Congo was needed and is the first step in bringing change, thus the concept for The Congo Cause began.

The Congo Cause's focus for 2009 was on a Malaria Prevention Project - to help provide mosquito bed nets for villages near the eastern border of Congo where up to over 1,500,000 people were internally displaced to due rebel fighting in November to December of 2008. (When a student began the AmaniDRC project with the University of Michigan, in July of 2007, there were approximately 500,000 displaced people in eastern Congo. These unimaginable numbers keep growing.)

We hope that other student groups will help bring sponsorship to educate women in career training. We also hope groups will help to raise funds for laptops for children (via the One Laptop One Child program).

This website has links to news, videos, mining articles, health articles (related to malaria and AIDS), so that you may increase your knowledge of eastern Congo.

And we hope you visit the advocacy page so you can learn how to help Congo through contacting your elected officials.

Please visit the news page to learn more about the challenges of eastern Congo.

Teachers: We have developed educational teacher packages for teachers to use in schools so that students can learn about eastern Congo and even help fund raise for mosquito bed nets.


Mosquito Bed Nets for Eastern Congo

Malaria is a preventable disease. The team from United Nations Association of Dem. Rep. of Congo (UNA-DRC) brings education, awareness, training, and help to Congo through your partnership. Thank you for your continual support!


Mosquito Bed Net Link for Flash AnimationClick the icon to view a 60 second Flash animation.

Video of Bed Net Distribution in Eastern Congo, May 2008

Video Interview: Cissa Wa Numbe, Director (Secretary General) of the United Nations Association of the Democractic Republic of Congo (UNA-DRC) explains the screening process and decision criteria they use while working with local community groups and authorities to find and determine the needy woman and children who qualify for a free mosquito bed net.

We are now launching the 2009 Spring Nets for Congo project to run during March to May. Please join us by buying a net, and saving more lives in eastern Congo. We can save lives together!

UNA-DRC is a grass roots organization with three offices in D.R. Congo. The Congo Cause is a grass roots group working to help to save lives from malaria by raising funds for bed nets, bringing awareness to others outside of Congo, and whatever help we can!


Detroit - Let's Drive Away Malaria!

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