Here are some links of interest. - Our Parent Website and how this cause began.

WFUNA - World Federation of Associations for the United Nations

The April 2008 WFUNA Issue 81 Newsletter has a paragraph regarding UNA-DRC. See "WFUNA Highlights" section.

MONUC - A UN organization with many resources about D.R. Congo

Dr. Cissa Wa Numbe, Director (Secretary General) of UNA-DRC:

A transcript of a speech given by Dr. Cissa Wa Numbe in the UK - 2000

Educational bio for Dr. Cissa Wa Numbe

Summary of his talk at Wayne State University, Detroit - April 3, 2008.

Video summary by Dr. Cissa Wa Numbe of UNA-DRC's mission, given during a meeting with a student team in Geneva, August 2007.

Highlights from our Fund Raising Concert on March 30th, 2008

An appreciation note from The Congo Cause - for all the supports at the Fund Raising Concert on March 30th, 2008.

UN Millenium Development Goals


AIDS and Malaria: The Connection

According to research published in the journal Science, Malaria increases the AIDS epidemic:

"When people with Aids contract malaria, it causes a surge of HIV virus in their blood, making them more likely to infect a partner, the research says." -- Aegis news/BBC

BBC News: Malaria 'speeds spread of Aids'


Chicago Tribune Article - December 17, 20007 - Paul Salopek "Congo: The Invisible War"

"With the Congolese death toll now 20 times higher than that of Darfur, and given that the worst killing in Darfur ended in 2004, why aren't outraged U.S. activists lighting candles in Central Park to "save" hapless Congo?"

CBS News Video: War Against Women in the Congo

A CNN Anderson Cooper Report - January 2008

Anderson Cooper's Blog Article - War Against Women in the Congo


New York Times article: January 23, 2008


A video: Congo--The Forgotten War - Sky News


PBS: with Bill Moyers

Bill Moyers Journal - April 2008 and a video of the broadcast "Hope in the Congo" which is a report of Congo's history and the continued death of 45,000 Congolese people from starvation and disease.

Part 2: Audio-Video Podcast with photos - 3 minutes - A second report showing the challenges of food aid workers and the food shortages of Congo after the war.

Excerpts from: 100 Years of Darkess - A book by Photojournalist Marcus Bleasdale. And some Congo history information


Democracy Now: "They are Destroying the Female Species in Congo" - Congolese Human Rights Activist Christine Schuler Deschryver on Sexual Terrorism and Africa’s Forgotten War

March 2008 - Interview of of Jan Egeland, former UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and the former UN Emergency Relief Coordinator.


Friends of the Congo: Why the Congo Matters

This informative article gives facts such as:


Video by MediaStorm - Photography by Marcus Bleasdale - Rape of a Nation


Videos: Click here to view videos owned by news agencies and UN organizations. These videos provide a glimpse into life for an internally displaced people in the Eastern border of the Congo.


Kivu Region photographs:

UNA-DRC Photo Gallery - Photos which show a little girl's health improvement after being under the care of UNA-DRC.

Ben Affleck's photos and videos during Congo trip with ABC Nightline

NBC News - Ann Curry's report and photographs of the crisis in the Goma region (February 13-15) And photos by Antoine Sanfuentes, NBC.

BBC News - Recent photos - "Surviving Congo" According to the BBC news, "The majority of deaths – estimated to be nearly 60% higher than the average in sub-Saharan Africa – are due to preventable and treatable diseases, such as malaria, diarrhoea and pneumonia."

Photographs of the Goma region, effects of fighting and displacement of villages. Photos are owned by VII Photo Agency Studio. And more by Marcus Bleasdale.

Malaria photographs by John Stanmeyer, VII Photo Agency Studio. (We want to extend a gracious appreciation to John Stanmeyer for use of his photograph.)

New photographs of the Goma region and the effects from the recent fighting. Updated regularly. Photos owned by Getty Images.
CNN:Child Soldier (Getty)


New York Times photos of the Goma Region


News: Visit our Digg page for world news and videos about the Democractic Republic of Congo


Photo exhibition - Congo: Forgotten War by VII Agency

top - Link to article - Correlation exists between exploitation of Congo's resources and the arming of militant groups


MP3 Audio replay from Station WILL am 580 radio from University of Illinois on March 31, 2008. An interview: "The Battle to Eradicate Malaria: Successes and Remaining Challenges" with Awash Teklehaimanot, Ph.D., Senior Research Scholar, The Earth Institute at Columbia University.


Scientific American: "Ending Malaria Deaths: One of the world's worst killers can be stopped soon if we make the investment"


Lisa F. Jackson, Director of the Documentary:

Brief Interview on Sundance
HBO Clip


Some African history


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