Photos from the Dem. Rep. of Congo

Photos Summary
New Photos of the Bed Nets Distribution


We received all of the photos of the recent mosquito bed net distribution in Congo.

We've received an update from Cissa Wa Numbe and UNA-DRC regarding the bed nets. Please click here to read his email.


Photo Album of Children that UNA-DRC has helped

The photo album that Cissa Wa Numbe brought from the Congo for display at the Jazz Concert (March 30th) is now posted on this website as a slide show. Please check back later as we will be adding captions to the photos.

Some of the photos show a little girl, who was suffering from malnutrition. At the end of the slideshow, you can see the distinct difference in her countenance, after weeks of proper nutrition and care by the programs coordinated by UNA-DRC.

Music by Synthony Arcato (© Diane Western, composer/piano with Ron Ellman, violinist)


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