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How did The Congo Cause begin?

The Congo Cause was begun by graduate students after initially developing it's sister project, for graduate studies with the University of Michigan Technology in Education: Global Program. The students saw the need to bring help for Congo through education, awareness, and activism, which resulted in The Congo Cause.

Link to read more.

How does The Congo Cause help the Congo directly?


The Congo Cause works directly with United Nations Assoc. of the Dem. Rep. of Congo (UNA-DRC).

UNA-DRC is our Partner in Congo - The grass roots team who brings bed nets, education, awareness, and help to the people of Congo.

Please visit the UNA-DRC web site to learn more:

What does UNA-DRC do in Congo?
summary by Dr. Cissa Wa Numbe of UNA-DRC's mission, given during a meeting with our graduate student team during our residency in Geneva, Switzerland, August 2007.

What is a UNA?

UNA Link explaining -- What is a UNA.

UNA-USA Michigan and UNA Greater Detroit are the two UNA groups in Michigan who have assisted The Congo Cause. Please visit their sites to learn about Michigan Chapters.

Who is Cissa Wa Numbe?

Dr. Cissa Wa Numbe is the Secretary General (Director of
UNA-DRC Director

Educational bio for Dr. Cissa Wa Numbe

Video clip (12 minutes) of Cissa Wa Numbe giving a talk in Troy, Michigan, March 2009. (partial clip)

A transcript of a speech
by UNA-DRC Director -- Dr. Cissa Wa Numbe -- a speech in the UK - 2000

Summary of a talk at Wayne State University, Detroit - April 3, 2008 by Dr. Cissa Wa Numbe, Director (Secretary General) of UNA-DRC

What is the criteria to receive a free bed net?
Please view the video interview of Cissa Wa Numbe explaining the process that UNA-DRC uses to locate the vulnerable groups that need bed nets.

What is the breakdown for the $10 bet net cost?

Please visit our budget link which explains the components of a bed net cost.

Who is the parent organization of UNA-DRC?

World Federation of Associations for the United Nations is the parent organization to UNA-DRC. Cissa Wa Numbe is an executive board member of WFUNA.


Who is Monuc?

MONUC is a major UN organization present in D.R. Congo.

What are the Millennium Goals?

United Nations

UN Millennium Development Goals

What expenses does The Congo Cause have?

The Congo Cause is run by volunteers and there are no expenses for office space. We do have some expenses, albeit low.

Please visit our budget link which explains the expenses which The Congo Cause anticipates.

Who is the Congo Cause team?

The current team is: Diane, Paula, Kathy, and Henry.


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